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Aqua Massage

September 30, 2019
New Services

Aqua Massage PT Pro provides all the benefits of Dry Hydrotherapy, Dry Heat Therapy and Massage Therapy without the usual inconveniences and time required for these modalities. Each rugged, stainless steel unit is self-contained, requires minimal floor space, and is exceptionally easy to operate. The Aqua Massage PT Pro offers easy entry and exit with […]

The Aurora Cryosauna

September 26, 2019
New Services

Whole-body cryotherapy (from Greek kryos – cold and therapy) is a technique that involves short exposures to air temperatures below −100° Whole-body cryotherapy has become a powerful training and recovery tool both for professional athletes and for amateurs. Before training it helps to boost performance. After intense workouts cryotherapy sessions help to recover better relieving […]