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The Aurora Cryosauna

Whole-body cryotherapy (from Greek kryos – cold and therapy) is a technique that involves short exposures to air temperatures between −170°F to -250°F.

Whole-body cryotherapy has become a powerful training and recovery tool both for professional athletes and for amateurs. Before training it helps to boost performance. After intense workouts cryotherapy sessions help to recover better relieving fatigue and delayed onset muscle soreness. In addition, whole-body cryotherapy is used to heal athletic injuries due to its ability to suppress pain for several hours, as well as relieve edema and restraint.


Cryotherapy makes all systems of the body work to their fullest potential.  Short-time (1 to 3 minutes) cooling of the upper skin layer in a cryosauna, no more than 0.5 mm deep, helps to boost metabolic processes, decrease anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep, and stimulate immune system.


Cryotherapy is an easy and quick way to experience something new and exciting, and also to boost your energy, and all that with benefits for your health and beauty.


Cold air feels more comfortable than cold water or ice baths, because at super low temperatures the air contains no moisture. As a bonus the cold triggers the production of endorphins, called “feel-good hormones”, which make you feel euphoric.


Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms.   Cryotherapy activates natural body defenses and that is why it is totally safe. Besides, due to short-time exposure the body core temperature remains unchanged and the skin temperature does not drop below 5°. Whole-body cryotherapy provides powerful anti-inflammatory response and pain relief.


Cryosauna, or individual cryo chamber, is a machine for whole-body cryotherapy with a specially shaped cabin where low-temperature mixture of nitrogen vapors and air is circulating in vortex to ensure more uniform cooling. The user does not have direct contact with liquid nitrogen, because it evaporates before getting into the cabin.

The temperature in a cryosauna ranges between −170°С and −250°С. The user can see the temperature inside the cabin during a session on a temperature display.



The user enters the cryosauna wearing warm socks and underwear made of natural fabric. Then the operator lifts the elevator until the user’s shoulders are level with the upper cut of the cabin. When nitrogen vapors and air mix fills the cabin, the user puts his hands on a special edge in the cabin and starts moving slowly.

Meanwhile, the operator monitors the session until the automated time is up. The session takes 90 to 180 seconds. When the session is over, the lift platform automatically moves down.


Our cryosaunas feature an open cabin, meaning that the user’s head stays above its upper edge. Therefore, the user does not feel claustrophobic or panicky. In addition, the operator can maintain direct eye contact with the user in the cabin during the session.

Cabin door does not have a lock and easily opens from the inside at any moment. Furthermore, a large red button on the touch screen and an emergency stop button allow terminating the session immediately if need be.