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Immune Boost – IV Infusion

Boost your immune system. This IV is made to keep you going. A blast of B Vitamins and Vitamin C, paired with Zinc and hydration are key to this cocktail. Arm yourself to fight illnesses and keep you up and running.

Ingredients & Benefits
Saline – Hydration
Magnesium Chloride This mineral is essential for muscle and nerve functions, as well as heart and bone health. It aids in normal blood pressure levels and absorption of calcium.
Calcium Chloride – This electrolyte helps your body maintain fluid through activities and helps you to maintain proper muscle and nerve functioning preventing muscle spams
Methylcobalamin B12 – Plays important role in red blood cells, prevention and treatment of anemia, methylation reactions, and immune system regulation.
Vitamin B Complex – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 – Helps body’s cells convert carbohydrates into energy and metabolize fats. Essential for functions of the heart muscles and nervous system. Helps reduce cholesterols to prevent and treat arteriosclerosis.
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – This essential antioxidant protects your overall well-being and immune system. It also helps protect your body from free radicals by neutralizing them before they have the chance to damage cells.
Zinc – Zinc is involved in the production of hormones and the healing of injuries by reducing inflammation. It improves immunity and digestion. There’s evidence that it has cancer-fighting properties and helps to maintain skin health