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Return to Work

While healthier employees mean more productive outputs and less expenses for your company, the truth is you can’t always avoid the inevitable, and sometimes your employees are injured or sick. We’re not talking about a cold or a stomachache, but about more serious health issues like a broken leg or even depression. If these unfortunate situations happen, how would you know whether your employees were ready to get back to work? Our Return to Work screening is the perfect solution.

Our Return to Work services include:

  • Drug screening
  • Breath alcohol screening
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to measure an employee’s level of function post-injury
  • Fit For Duty, which determines an employee’s ability to return to work, or evaluates those who show difficulty in performing essential job functions

We screen for physical fitness, musculoskeletal health, and other health-related issues. We’ll assess an injured employee’s ability to return to work or an employee who shows evidence of difficulty in performing essential job functions.